While a healthy diet supplies most of our nutritional requirements, it is scientifically proven that proper supplementation is needed to accelerate your maximum performance and recovery. AdvoCare is the only supplement line we will recommend at RDA Fitness because the products are regularly tested, safe, and effective. AdvoCare is backed by the Informed Choice Certification program and each product is backed by more than 270 years of combined knowledge from an elite Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.

24 Day Challenge


    The 24 Day challenge is designed for anyone that is looking to lose body fat, build lean muscle, increase energy levels, and increase overall performance.

    During the 24 days you will be following a clean eating meal plan while filling the nutritional gaps with AdvoCares world class supplements.

    In 24 MINUTES, you will FEEL the difference! In 24 HOURS, you will KNOW the difference! In 24 DAYS, you will SEE the difference!

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All Products

   Not only does AdvoCare  have the safest products on the market, but each product is made with the highest quality ingredients which makes them extremely effective.

   AdvoCare has an extensive product list that can help you reach your physical goals, no matter what they may be.

   Please contact us with your goals, and we will help you put a supplement plan together!

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The Opportunity

    AdvoCare provides their customers with the opportunity to receive a 20%-40% discount on all product purchases. AdvoCare also provides their customers with an opportunity to earn some extra income.

  Please contact us to learn more about receiving product discount and/or  to find out more information on how to earn additional income with AdvoCare.

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